Activity Ideas:

1. Create an adoption DOG-a-thon for or with your local shelter or rescue to walk shelter dogs with "Adopt Me" bandanas which can help get more dogs exposure and thus, a forever home!

2. Open up your place of business or ask a popular business in town if they would like to incorporate a dog party for after your walk.

3. Organize a short, easy walk for a senior citizen’s center and look for volunteers to help walk the senior’s dogs for them if they’re in a wheelchair or have any disability.

4. Approach your local health club to host a 5 mile DOG-a-thon and after-party. Make sure to have plenty of water for the dogs along the route.

5. Organize a walk for your child’s school so they can get some exercise and show off their dog to their friends. If the school isn’t supportive about doing this during school hours, organize it for after school. Prepare some fun, dog themed goodie bags to give to the children after the walk.

6. Costumes are always fun! You could end your “costumed” walk in a local park and have a costume contest with fun prizes. You could offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with runner ups. Ask your local businesses to donate products and services for the winners.

7. Ask friends and family to personally sponsor your walk and donate the funds to your local shelter. How about a family get-together with everyone who has a dog?

8. Ask your local Boy Scouts and/or Girl Scouts to arrange a walk and raise money for your local shelter.

9. Get a group of friends together to organize a walk for the shelter dogs in your community – they will love you for it!

10. Organize a doggie treasure hunt around a large park. Get all your local dog businesses to donate products and services to the winning doggie basket.

11. Approach your public library about hosting a walk for children and then coming back to the library with their dogs to hear a dog related story or see a dog related puppet show.

12. Host a dog themed party for both kids and adults which starts with a ˝ mile walk, followed by fun, fun, fun! You could have snacks and cake for the kids and adults and a doggie cake for the dogs! Bibs optional.

***A great way to support your local shelter is to have them on site with adoptable pets and if someone can’t adopt - ask that they donate $5 or more.

*** If you’ll have food at your event, to keep the dogs safe, please avoid toxic foods such as chocolate, almonds, raisins, grapes, currants, avocado and macadamia nuts.

Keep in mind that you can decide to do one of these activities a day for a week, or organize one big event to kick off the week. You don’t have to do a major activity every day - but for your health and the health of your dog - you do need to walk every day…even if it’s by yourself! Remember, a tired dog…is a good dog!

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